GVM, GCM and Towing Capacity Upgrades using premium quality components.
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Climax Suspension is our original store and has provided the region of Newcastle with exceptional suspension products for many years. Dino and his team supply an array of quality brands and products that have stood the test of time and are synonymous in the suspension industry. True suspension specialists, Dino and his team are committed to doing it right the first time and providing all customers with a range of options to best suit their needs.


Climax Suspension Central Coast are your local 4WD and Suspension specialist. A family business, David, Sonia and the team can provide everything from a service right through to a complete 4WD fit out and full suspension upgrade.

Your vehicle will be professionally looked after by a skilled team with over 30 years experience.

Climax Suspension Central Coast is located in Long Jetty.


Climax Suspension Tamworth sells the whole Climax range and specialises in GVM Upgrades complete with the engineering required to produce an engineering certificate and compliance plate.

Stuart and Vaughan Larkham are both unrestricted VSCCS Acredited Signatory Engineers. With over 40 years of professional experience in the automotive industry thier unrestricted signatory status allows them to certify all things automotive.


Climax Suspension Highfields are your Climax Suspension specialist, boasting one of the biggest automotive workshops and the largest range of 4WD accessories and suspension in the Darling Downs region and a huge showroom to match.

A family business Craig, Catherine and their team can provide everything from a set of quality Koni and Bilstein shock absorbers through to a full suspension upgrade and more for your 4WD. As a member of the Climax suspension family they can provide your 4B with professional workmanship and the best products on the market.

Pop in and say G’day to the team at Highfield’s Offroad.